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Freddie The Flamingo

"zzzz" snored Freddy the Flamingo.It was mid night and his mother Katie gave him a kiss on the forehead and took off, she ran away.The next morning when Freddy woke up on his favorite rock near the pond, he couldn't find his mother, he and his friends went out looking in the zoo.They were searching for at least two days and couldn't find her.Freddy was only six years old and now he had no mother.Freddy lost his father when his father John went to the elaphant cage to steal some food, the elaphants cought him and he was gone.

That night Freddy slept where his mother would sleep,and kept crying until he doze off into a deep sleep.Later on that night he was awoken by sometjing shaking him.He was starteld by the sight of a chipped flamingo beak in front of his face."Come with me boy i will take care of you"said the old flamingo."what about my home?" Freddy asked "This is not your home without your mother." the strange flimingo said.Freddy got up and walked with him and jumped over the fence.They both carfully waled out of the zoo.

To be continued...

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